Feb 01, 2017

Laptop Hinge Replacements and Repairs!

Laptop hinge repair and replacement is a service that Creative IT have a lot of experience with. Unfortunately the hinge of a laptop is a fragile component that can be easily damaged by accident or over time. Laptops are often transported from place to place and therefore are susceptible to accidental breakage if the laptop is knocked or dropped. Laptop hinges can also become easily worn down over time through regular use.

Signs of Hinge Deterioration or Damage

  • The laptop is struggling to fight gravity: in other words, the LCD screen will not stay in the correct upright position
  • The laptop is difficult to open or shut and force is needed to do either

It doesn’t matter if your Laptop is otherwise functioning well, if the laptop hinge is broken, cracked or worn down then it is vital to get it fixed quickly. You may not consider a faulty hinge as a priority in your laptop maintenance, since you can often still use the machine despite the damage, but on the contrary it can lead to other worse faults such as damage to the essential screen circuits and connections. Extra information here at laptopstandboss. Getting your hinge fixed sooner rather than later will save you a lot of money and hassle in the long term. Creative IT’s hinge repair and replacement service can prolong the quality and life of you Laptop and can relive the bother of having to purchase a new laptop altogether.

Competent Staff and Facilities at Creative IT

We have a wide ranging inventory, as well as associations with suppliers of spare parts and peripherals for many laptop models including the Laptop, so accordingly we can get acquire the correct replacement hinge and carry out the repair or replacement in a timely manner. Not only are our facilities and stock of a high standard but so are the team behind Creative IT. With years of hands-on experience, practical skills and expert qualifications we are able to assist you in an extremely efficient fashion. We also strive to provide the very best customer service that is friendly and approachable.

Make Your Hinge Repair a Priority

If your laptop hinge is broken or no longer functioning as it should, you need to bring your laptop to us as soon as you can. To facilitate this, our Aix repair centre is open for walk-in services from 9am to 6pm, Monday to friday. However we also know that some customers are unable to visit the centre themselves and for that reason we offer a convenient service by which we can arrange for collection of your laptop or have you send it in to us. We always use the most reliable courier services to aid in a faster turnaround time.